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Big Problems, Big Profit. (James 1:1-4)

November 06, 2016

Justin Montoya   Length: 49:59 (45.9 MB)

It has been said that you are either in a trial, coming out of one, or going into one. Trials are inevitable, but have a purpose. Our response should consider that our faith is being tested during these difficulties, and we reap a reward for enduring.

Preach the Word! (2 Timothy 4:1-2)

October 30, 2016

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 42:21 (38.9 MB)

The Bible calls us to preach the Word. But in order to proclaim God's truths, we must prepare by studying it ourselves and by being prepared to speak up, whether it is convenient or not, and regardless of how uncomfortable the situation may be.

God's Word... God-Breathed (2 Timothy 3:15-17)

October 23, 2016

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 46:52 (43.1 MB)

The Bible gives the way to eternal life, is God's Word, is infallible, is useful for many purposes, and is under constant attack. It is no wonder that the enemy wants to keep us from the Word, but it needs to be part of our daily walk.

Grace to Sinners (Hosea 2)

October 16, 2016

Phillip Metzger   Length: 47:29 (43.6 MB)

God doesn't just forgive us when we sin; He pursues us. Hosea powerfully illustrates this. When reading today's passage, we must identify with Gomer to appreciate the extent of the grace that God pours out to us in our sin.

Hold Fast and Press On (2 Timothy 3:14-15)

October 09, 2016

Anthony Chapman   Length: 41:40 (38.3 MB)

Paul implores believers to continue in perseverance in our faith, learning and making corrections as we go. If we are convinced that His way is the best way, we will seek the proper context by learning from others and passing that knowledge along.

Persecution (2 Timothy 3:10-13)

October 02, 2016

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 37:55 (34.9 MB)

There are many promises in the Bible. Some are comforting, and some disturbing. Those who wish to lead a Godly life are assured persecution. But persecution refines the church and God promises to rescue us from it.

In Contrast: Paul's Example (2 Timothy 3:10-11)

September 25, 2016

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 40:10 (36.9 MB)

We are always an example to someone, but not always a good one. Believers should demonstrate a contrast to non-believers in our way of life and in our faith. By doing so, we exemplify Christ, who promises a blessing when we do His will.

Counterfeits (2 Timothy 3:6-9,13)

September 18, 2016

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 41:03 (37.7 MB)

There are many counterfeits out there. Some are easy to discern and others are not. Teachers of religion can be fakers too, and in order to recognize them we must know Jesus as savior and follow Him, know the Bible as truth, and not be easily fooled.

Are We Living in the Last Days? (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

September 11, 2016

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 35:57 (33.1 MB)

Yes, we are living in the last days, but they began at the time of Jesus. Therefor, we should be looking, watching, and living for Him. Whether or not the world matches the description in these verses, we should check our own hearts for these sins.

The Value of Arguing (2 Timothy 2:23-26)

September 04, 2016

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 40:31 (37.2 MB)

Pride and hurt feelings can lead to foolish arguments, but the people of God need to show humility and respect during any disagreement. Listening to opposing views and praying for those who are against you will help prevent quarrelling.

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