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God's Plans

March 13, 2011

Jim Hines   Length: 46:01 (42.2 MB)

In the midst of a world that seems to be spiraling out of control, it is comforting to be reminded that God has a plan and that it will be fulfilled. This week, Jim Hines walks us through the letters to the seven churches in the book of Revelation and reminds us to be prepared for His planned return.


March 06, 2011

Norm LeBlanc   Length: 37:28 (34.3 MB)

The Bible gives at least 348 references to wealth. Proverbs 22:2 says, "The rich and poor have this in common: the Lord is the maker of them all." But how much does it take to be rich? For Christians, our ultimate treasure is the promise of our salvation and the fellowship of other believers.

Matthew 21:12-17

February 27, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 45:10 (41.5 MB)

Jesus had to return to the temple twice to purify it. Likewise, He must repeatedly cleans and purify our bodily temples when we allow sin into our lives. Be filled with prayer and praise and make no room for the impurities.

Matthew 21:1-11

February 20, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 38:44 (35.6 MB)

The whole city of Jerusalem was shaken when Jesus entered. They were expecting a savior, but they thought they needed to be saved from the tyranny of Rome, not the oppression of their own sin.

Matthew 20:29-34

February 13, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 33:47 (31 MB)

We notice the persistence of the two blind who were not dissuaded by the crowd, but instead cried out to the Lord all the louder. Pray for the courage to express your need for the Lord's mercy and for the compassion to help those around us in need.

Matthew 20:17-28

February 06, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 32:55 (30.2 MB)

We each have a cup to bear for the way of discipleship is not painless or easy and life will test our commitment to Christ. If you want to be first, be a servant, not a celebrity.

Matthew 20:1-16

January 30, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 36:02 (33.1 MB)

In the Parable of the Workers, we notice that those who were called went. We also note that Jesus, like the Landowner, comes to call more than once. It is never too late to answer that call and our reward will be great both here on Earth and in heaven.

Matthew 19:23-30

January 23, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 32:25 (29.8 MB)

Any attempt by a man to enter the Kingdom on his own merits is futile. Fortunately, we have a God who can do the impossible. And although there is a cost to us for following Jesus, it can't compare with what He gave up for us.

Matthew 19:16-22

January 16, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 32:35 (29.9 MB)

Should all believers sell everything they own? No, but if you take comfort in that thought, beware! We should be willing to give up anything if Christ asks us to do so.

Matthew 19:1-12

January 09, 2011

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 38:59 (35.8 MB)

Hardness of heart by one or both marriage partners often leads to divorce and under certain circumstances, the Bible allows for it, yet even when there are grounds, think twice! God can still restore a relationship.

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