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Joel 2:1-27

July 07, 2013

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 34:25 (31.7 MB)

In this chapter, Joel gives answers to the when, what, how, and why questions relating to his message of repentance. Now is the time to return to Him with weeping and mourning for the Lord does not despise a pure and contrite heart!

Joel 1

June 30, 2013

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 36:30 (33.6 MB)

As a prophet, Joel was responsible to turn the people back to the Lord. When crisis strikes in our lives, it is time to examine our hearts and see if there is something that demands our attention. This applies to us as individuals and to our nation.

'Till the Final Bell (Nehemiah 6:1-14)

June 23, 2013

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 38:08 (35.1 MB)

We should not be surprised at the frequent distractions that arise; neither of the lies the enemy sends our way. But we must be deliberate in saying "no" to the things that would slow us or discourage us in our work for the Lord. Fight to the end!

Father's Day

June 16, 2013

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 36:25 (33.5 MB)

What makes a good father? Love, attention, protection, provision, wisdom, guidance, leadership? Although none of our earthly fathers are perfect, our father in heaven possesses all of these attributes. All who have received the Son are children of God.


June 09, 2013

Norm LeBlanc   Length: 43:13 (39.7 MB)

Because we spend a lot of time and energy on our most valuable possessions, sometimes it seems that they own us. We must remember that the value of these things is temporary and arbitrary. In contrast, God's value is eternal and intrinsic.

Psalm 8

June 02, 2013

Dan Kinnaman   Length: 34:49 (32 MB)

The Bible tells us who God is and who we are in relation to him. He made as a little lower than God, not a little higher than the animals. It is in His image that we were made. In Jesus, the full meaning of God's position with man is made clear.

Nehemiah 4:1-20

May 26, 2013

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 39:16 (36.1 MB)

Nehemiah's detractors ridiculed his efforts, but Nehemiah's work was guaranteed to succeed because he relied on God's direction and strength. We also must be diligent in the tasks the Lord has given us, resisting opposition and knowing the battle is His.

Complete the Work (Colossians 4:15-18)

May 19, 2013

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 35:39 (32.8 MB)

God wants us to carry out fully the work He has given us. Archippus needed encouragement in this area as we do today. Every month 1,500 people leave the ministry. We must expect hardships and we must first count the cost of serving Jesus.

People - Part IV (Colossians 4:11-14)

May 12, 2013

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 49:48 (45.7 MB)

Today's message highlights four very different believers: Jesus Justus, a fellow worker and comforter to Paul, Epaphrus, a prayer warrior who cared for the people, Luke, a doctor who listened, and Demas, who loved the world and deserted his post.

People - Part III (Colossians 4:10)

May 05, 2013

Pastor Rich Chapman   Length: 52:08 (47.9 MB)

God is the God of second chances. Although John (Mark) was a quitter in his youth, his cousin Barnabas, the Son of Encouragement, did not give up on him. Mark later became useful to Paul also. And Peter, who once denied Jesus, encouraged Mark!

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